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University of Legoredo

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University of Legoredo
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The University of Legoredo
UL Home of the Freedom Fighters

The University of Legoredo sits on the outskirts of LegoCity.  It is on the far side of Fort Legoredo and off of Exit 5 of Interstate 491. 
     The University of Legoredo provides the LegoCity metro area a center of education.  UL offers many programs such as Biology, Chemistry, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, English, Forensic Science, French, Geography, History, Mathematics, and Spanish. 
     The campus is closed for the Summer beginning June 1st until August 7th.  Classes resume Monday, August 8th, 2005.  The campus is closed for the 2005 summer session because of renovations to the Lecture Center, the addition of 3 more "Smart Classrooms", the laying of the foundation of a new Lecture Center, and the regular yealy maintanence of the rest of the classrooms.  Faculty offices are also being renovated and moved into new places to coincide with the new divisions. 
    Some new things being added to the 2005-06 academic year:
          * A new Political Science Program with a joint ULSA Assembly internship
            and classroom lectures.
          * A newly re-modeled soccer field.
Please Check Out the Charity game UL Freedom Fighters vs. LegoCity Monarchs
Friday, August 5th.  All benefits will go towards the LegoCity Medical Center!

College Catolog:
History Department:
Hist 100- Western Civilization I 
Hist 101- Western Civilization II
Hist 105- Legoian History I
Hist 106- Legoian History II
Hist 117- Western Hemisphere Studies I
Hist 120- History of the 20th Century
Hist 123- History of the 19th Century
Hist 126- History of the 18th Century
Hist 129- History of 1400-1699
Hist 135- Medieval History
Hist 155- African Studies I
Hist 156- African Studies II
Hist 172- Asian History I
Hist 173 Asian History II
Hist 200- American History
Hist 202- British History
Hist 204- Russian History
Hist 206- Chinese History
Hist 209- Latin American Studies
Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

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