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Join Lisa McCrae and Terry Richardson for Channel 8 NEWS at 6.
Meet some of the Reporters and Staff at WATE 8:
Lisa McCrae- Evening News Anchor
Terry Richardson- Evening News Anchor
Katelyn Scott Keyy- Morning and Noon News Anchor
John St. John- Weekend News Anchor
Sunnie Dae- Cheif Meterologist
Haily Storms- Meterologist
Constance Lee- Reporter
Al Luminium- Reporter
Scott Brown- "The Evening Legoian National Report" Anchor

     LegoCity was hit at the core this past Tuesday with an explosion shaking most of uptown.  The bomb blew out the upper floor of the Two-Way  Transportation Building, blowing the windows out and causing severe damage to the office towers that come off the back.  Initial Reports indicate that a group called Lego First had planted the bomb.  The group is known for being against the support of American movements in Iraq, and against the Legoian Government for supporting the Americans.  "It's funny that things like this are starting to happen in our civilized nation!" said one man who wished not to be indentified.  "These losers will not take over my country."
     The sentiment arounf LegoCity tonight seems to be the sameway.  "No matter what these terror groups do, I will always support my government and help build these buildings better than before"  said Jill McPherson.
     At 9:05 AM, the City Main Alarm went off for all Firemen to report to the station house.  It took crews from LegoCity and Fort Legoredo to put out the flames.  Unfortunetly 3 lives were lost.  Most of the damage is on the second floor, and the main lobby area.  Two-Way Spokeswoman Donna Fall said to the crowd of Media that Two-Way top executives have already met with contractors to re-build the building even while crews were still putting out the fires.
     The explosion did prompt national officials to evacuate important officials from LegoCity including the President, Vice President, Speaker of the Assembly, and the Queen.  The Chief Judge of Justice remained in town however, mostly at the request of the Assembly to make sure some part of the government would still be in town.  The President, Vice President, the Speaker, and the Queen were all moved to undisclosed locations.  The event also caused the lockdown of Fort Legoredo to make sure nothing more would happen.
     The Two-Way Transportation Building was built in the 1920's and was originally a Train Station.  First Lego Bank used the design across Constantinople St. for their bank a few years later.  When trains moved out of LegoCity, the building served as LegoCity Hall for many years, until the seat of government moved back to LegoCity in the late 1990's.  The building then served as the temporary National Assembly builiding until 2003 when LegoCity's lease on the building was up.  Two-Way Transportation decided not to renew the lease and to move its headquarters from Legotron to LegoCity, Constructing a multi-million office tower complex behind the building.
Report Submitted by: Al Luminium WATE NEWS LegoCity

LegoCity International Airport to get facelift.
     It has been decided that LegoCity International Airport will indeed get a new design come the completion of Continental Circle.  LegoCity representatives announced that the project will mostly focus on a new lobby area and ticket counter/check-in area. 
     Last year in prepartaion for the new building, crews moved the ticket counters into the terminal, and actually tore down the old Check-in area.  This decision proved to be immature when LegoCity announced that LIA would not be gettin any renovations.  But with the building practically torn down, now what else can you do?
     LIA sees about 3.5 million people a year, especially in the summer time when people come in to the resorts to the north of LegoCity.  "We can not have our airport look like this.  The airport is the first thing they see, and what a bad impression it gives." said Kelly DuLong of the airport authority.  "We need something that will let Legoians know Legocity is the place to be!"
Report Submitted by Hailey Storms WATE NEWS LegoCity

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