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Continental Circle

Royal Family
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Continental Circle
WATE Channel 8
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A Look at the Nation's Capitol

Continental Circle serves as the Seat of National Government in the United Lego States of America.  It is 40x36, which is big!  (this is Lego measurement, you know one dot/stud)  It has the main chamber, plus a balcony for guests to see proceedings. 
Representation As Follows:
     Legoredo          5
     Lego DC           4
     Legoa              3
     Lego Jersey      2
     Smitzerland      1
     Legotron:         3
     LegoCity:         2
     Ocean City:     1
Royal Family:       2
Total:                   23
Picture of Seating Coming Soon!

Pictures of the Capitol Coming Soon!

WATE is the creation of Kenny Weber.  All Characters affilated with the mock station do not represent any person living or dead now nor in the past.