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The Real Top Stories

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The Real Top Stories
Continental Circle
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You may have read the titles on the Main Page, but here are the real stories behind the news.

Construction on Continental Circle Continues

The first article was dealing with Continental Circle.  Well here is what is going on.  For many years now I wanted to create one of the most spactacular looking buildings ever created.  I have come up with many ideas and i believe I have settled on the final one.  The only problem with construction of the project is money.  Parts are really expensive and I have school full time.  Slowly I am saving up money and I believe especially at this point that the project will be done in steps.
       Step 1: The purchasing of road plates. 4 T-Plates, 4 Curved Plates,One
       Straight Plate, and One Boulevard looking Plate.  Also will be purchasing
       a Regular 32x32 plate.  At this point I will buy gray bricks and black plates 
       and build the stairs and the raised section that will form the first floor.  The
       building will rise 3-4 bricks above the ground.
       Step 2: Step two will be the construction of the main building.  Five arches 
       along the front, two with 25 windows in each.  The columns will be created 
       and finally the chambers.
       Step 3:  The hard one.  Step there will be just a hypothesis step.  I will be
       looking into maybe installing a balcony around the chambers.  Maybe we'll 
       Step 4:  Finally we're done.  Just some accessorizing here.  Creating two
       statues, flag holders, trees, flowers, and signs.
       -Opening ceremonies-

LegoCity's New Underground

I have wondered about this concept for some time now and I think I am going to do it.  At first I was going to build some kind of holders for trackes under my table.  But now a better idea was given to me.  Just buy more wood and builder another table on top of the original table.  The orginal table would have all the roads already marked so it would be easy to just lay tracks and follow the roads.  So the new table will be about 9 inches above the old table.  I will make holes for stairs.

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