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Royal Family

Royal Family
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Meet the Royal Family

First a brief History of the Royal Famly.
The First Royal Family, the Lyions were the first family to rule over Legoredo.  All Kings were named Leo at Corination and the Last of the Lyions to rule was King Leo XXX.  When King Leo XXX died no one was heir to the throne, so the next family with a little royal blood was the Weber's.  King Fredrick I was the first king followed by King Leo I, then King Kenneth Fredrick I, King Leo II, Queen Ruth, King Leo III, and now currently Queen Anne.
King Kenneth Fredrick I granted democracy to Legoredo in 1783 and Legoredo became The United Lego States of America.
Queen Anne had 5 children.  Prince George (who has opted to become King Leo IV) Princess Karolyn, Prince Jason, Prince Kenneth and Lord Matthew.  A Lord is a child of the royal family underage.  Lord Matthew will become Prince Matthew in a few Years.
Princess Karolyn is now married to Lord John.  (Lord is also given to a member not born of the royal blood, the only exception: if a princess become queen her lord husband is given title of prince.  Princes that marry, their wives become the title of princess.  The Lord title was created so that power would not shift from one family to another)  Princess Karolyn also has two daughters, Princess Taylor and Princess Jenna.
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