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LegoCity Press Release:

Construction on Continental Circle Continues

Construction on the new complex to house the federal government continues this week as the projected completion date has passed. Lack of materials have caused the construction agency to halt building until products become available.

The Continental Circle Project is the most costly project since the completion of LegoCity International Airport in 1996. The government has pulled resources together to create a new capitol builing plus memorials to past presidents and past kings. The opening to the circle will have two statues one comemorating King Leo II and one for King Leo III.

Future plans include the construction of office building to house the offices of government agencies and government officals office's. "Continental Circle is a multi-step project." described President Weber, "money has been secured to help fund it."

This week President Weber has also expressed his dismay with the project's delay. "Taxpayers are waitng to see results. Some delays are expectable but now is just rediculous." The expected completion was dated July 2002, but has sinced been backed to July 2004. President Weber has held meetings with Assembly leaders discussing the possibilty of hiring a new agency.

Assembly leaders have expressed interest in completion hoping Continental Circle is completed by August 6th Founder's Day.

Article Submitted by Constance Lee
WATE channel 8 television LegoCity


LegoCity's New Underground.

       LegoCity has got the go ahead to look into plans for construction of a new underground train network.  Funding has been put into place to look into building such a systm without destroying current buildings and skyscrapers, preserving Old Legoredo, but create a new environmental friendly system of mass transportation.  LegoCity's Mayor the Honorable Dick Wood said today that "this is giant step forward for a great city."
       LegoCity has long supported on the above ground infrastructure which included two main interstate arteries that now are too busy to get through.  LegoCity Department of Works Chief Bill Grahm had this to say: "Interstate 491 and Interstate 78 are becomeing so busy that it is harder to travel to work and school and soon it may be impossable."
       Construction on LegoCity Undrground (new project name) will begin after the construction of Continental Circle and the completion of the new National Capital. Stops will include one at the circle, downtown interections, LegoCity Center, Legoredo University, and designers are tinkering with ideas to spread the system to the suburbs of Compton and Alexandria, Adventure Theme Resort, and the ocean resort of Constantinople, Cape Lego, Bay City, and Port Aransas, Legoshores.

Article Submited by: The LegoCity Sun Times   Written by: Karrey Black

Merger of Two Companies form new Network.

LegoCity-  Lego Media the telecommunications corporation, dealing with Phone, Cable, and Internet services, announced this week the merger of their company and United Broadcasting Stations (UBS) to form the first corporation in Legoian history to control all functions of mass media.  Lego Media was interested in UBS for their News Department and will combine programming from Lego Media and UBS plus the News aspect of UBS to create LMN, the Lego Media Network.  In LegoCity Channel 11 WKID UBS is now Channel 1 WKID LMN.

DISCLAIMER: This site has no affiliation with the Lego Corporation. All characters on this site are the creation of Kenneth Weber and do not resemble any person living or dead now nor in the past.